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Whether you’re struggling with ADHD, lacking motivation, not hitting your potential or even just want to improve productivity a bit more, I help you focus on what’s positive and helpful.

Executive Coaching, NDIS Provider, Corporate Coaching.

As an ADHD Life Coach my job is to help clients to try to find ways to reduce their symptoms, increase self-awareness and discover what works for them. We will also explore what their goals are, work with their strengths and focus on what’s positive and helpful.

The great thing about the coaching program is that it’s a 1-on-1 human coach, and it’s another step each day in the right direction. ADHD Life Coaching is such a positive and validating process. I help you build the habits and behaviours you need one step at a time, so you can thrive in life.

What skills will I develop ?

General Well-being

Self Awareness

Organizational Skills

Time-management Skills

Goal Setting Abilities



Study skills

What They Say

Brandon P
    Brandon P

    Rose Bay

    "I’m having an amazing day - you are really helping me make changes in my life that will make huge impacts on my business and quality of life. Our collective insights from yesterday are already making huge impacts today!!! Thank you!! Looking forward to talking next week again!

    Larry Crane
      Larry Crane


      Her application went beyond the theoretical and was useful in day to day situations in the practical sense. She tailored an approach that was useful for me after the initial consultation and assessment. She was able to give of herself and share common challenges that she has faced herself as well as those of her clients, whilst preserving confidentiality.



        I am most pleased with my son's progress. He speaks very highly of you and all your efforts. If I knew then what I know now about ADHD coaching, I would have employed you much earlier in his struggle. I would like to attend your workshop with him; this will bring us closer. Again, I must thank you for all you've done. I can't believe that I found you on online and everything worked out so well.

        Kirsten L.
          Kirsten L.


          Naomi has been such a great help in coaching me with my ADHD, she has helped me breakthrough some of my ADHD challenges and find solutions that are right for me. I highly recommend Naomi as an ADHD Coach, she is awesome.

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          As an ADHD Life Coach my job is to help clients to try to find ways to reduce their sensitivity, build resilience and minimise the impact of RSD. In the process we will explore ways around this so that in future my client will let certain comments pass and internalise less of the negative and focus on what’s positive and helpful.

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