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When I self-diagnosed with ADHD at 48, I was overjoyed to discover that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is not as negative as the acronym or the experts will have you believe! In my experience it is a set of different abilities that I have learnt to view positively, even with humour.  I often describe the H as being silent because for me it was about having hyperactivity in my thinking, the reason why I usually have more than 80 pages open in my phone browser, and at least 4 books on my night stand.  During my ADHD Coach Training I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with fellow ADHDers, and there is never a dull moment!

My School Years

I struggled in school, excelling in engaging subjects (spelling) but easily distracted in others (“daydreamer” on reports). In 5th grade, a captivating teacher boosted my grades, proving my potential. Unfortunately, a negative teacher in 6th grade impacted my performance. In high school, a passionate history teacher ignited my interest, leading to excellent results. However, another uninspiring teacher turned the subject into a bore, and I ultimately failed. It seems some teachers have a bigger impact than others!

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My Multiple Careers

Despite initial challenges, most jobs left me wanting more after the initial excitement faded. My thirst for knowledge thankfully provided both a boredom antidote and an exciting path forward, leading me to return to studies every few years.

After a brief foray into a creative field, I realized it wasn’t the direction I wanted. One consistent thread throughout my diverse career path (jewellery, employment services, childcare, retail, etc.) has been my passion for people interaction.

My lived experience with ADHD and navigating neurodivergent challenges in teens ultimately led me to become an ADHD Life Coach. I “speak ADHD” and understand firsthand the struggles and frustrations, making me uniquely equipped to guide others.

Skills I help develop

General Well-being

Self Awareness

Organizational Skills

Time-management Skills

Goal Setting Abilities



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